Die Robot - technopunk

Die Robot is an electro industrial band from Portland, Oregon. This is future rock in a post-industrial age. Their sound straddles rock and electronic with a wide appeal. Unique, haunting, and romantic, Die Robot is full of angst and soul with the groove of a predatory animal. It all started in the summer of 2012, when former members of Pop Dolls, Vince Christian and Barbie Saint, moved to Portland where they met Angela Johnson. Vince provides powerful vocals and a fierce performance. Barbie's strings are dark and passionate, combining not only bass and guitar, but synthesized leads simultaneously. A unique sound accomplished with special custom gear designed for her by Retro Mechanical Labs. Angela's rhythms fill the dance floor, and her upright electronic set accentuates an engaging performance and Uriel, the illuminated, in keys and synth, producing an intense electronic soundscape.

Virtual Life (RMLfx Mix) download available today
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Die Robot Next Shows

08/12 - 08/13 Portland Industrial Goth Fest Paris Theater


Albums & Singles

Die Robot is currently in the studio with Johnathan Case at RML Studios recording their upcoming album "Technopunk" The second single from the upcoming album "Virtual Life" is included in the Portland Industrial Goth Fest Compilation Album. The new record will be released Fall 2017. 

Their debut EP is available on USB Flash Drives and CDs, and digitally online everywhere. The first single from their debut album "The Underground" was included in The Lovecraft Bar Compilation Record Vol. II. Their new single "Virtual Life" from the upcoming album Technopunk, is now included in the Portland Industrial Goth Compilation Album, Vol. 1 . They have played numerous shows in the Pacific Northwest with incredible turn outs. Die Robot performed with artists like John 5 (Rob Zombie / Marilyn Manson) Conjure One (Front Line Assembly - Delerium) Unter Null, 16Volt, Orgy, Vince Clark (Depeche Mode, Erasure) David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) Kite, among others.

Aaron Litt Creative & Die Robot Released the first DVD of the Concert Series:


Humans playing music:  

Music & Lyrics by Vince Christian and Barbie Saint 

Vince Christian: Vocals/Keys/Synth

Barbie Saint: Bass/Guitar/Vocals

Uriel: Keys/Synth/Electronic Soundscapes

Angela Johnson: Drums/Electronic Drums

Die Robot has invited other musicians to perform with them live and in the studio and they will continue having them. For this new album, Brandon A Sills played lead guitar samples for some tracks. Currently they are performing live with synth/keys player, Uriel. Produced and studio keys by Johnathan Case @ RML. For the Portland Industrial Goth Festival, Jared (Particle Son - Ghost Motor) will play guitars in the new version of The Underground. 

DR Endorsers / Sponsors:

Retro Mechanical Labs 

DR Strings 


Special thanks: 

DR producer Johnathan Case (Retro Mechanical Labs: FX Pedals and Recording Studio) DR management team: Terence Hui and Sean Coffey (Oqion Music Management) Aaron Litt (DR Videographer at Aaron Litt Creative) Sepp (Orangekraftwerks) Tyler Stevenson (DR Street Team) Dean Hunter (Hive) Derek Moore (Shadowplay) Jon Horrid (Lovecraft) Joe Gallagher (Bossanova Ballroom) Ghost House (Eugene) Mechanismus (Seattle)